Never be afraid to embrace your own unique sense of fashion

Nowadays people tend to think too much about what other people think of you. They are too scared to project who they are and as such try to conform to the normal rules of society. You don’t really have to do that, you sense of fashion is your identity. You don’t need to hide it just because you think people will judge you. The harsh reality is that they would judge you either way. So you might as well get judged doing something you enjoy or rather wearing something you like without resorting to being meek and dressing the way everybody else wears.

It’s okay to be loud in what you wear. Society may try to shun these brightly colored individuals but in reality it is what makes society a bit more colorful. If everybody just wore plain old dull clothes society at large will just end up being a very boring looking place. You are who you are nobody can change that. You must understand that there is no point in trying to hide who you are forever and be depressed on the inside. If you like wearing bright colors do so. You shouldn’t let your gender decide what you can wear and what you can’t wear.

Ones sense of fashion is a way of expressing who you are. Trying to suppress who you are will have a detrimental effect on your personality, so be free and embrace who you are. Of course it doesn’t just apply to color. If you like wearing miniskirts or butt shorts there shouldn’t be an issue with you wearing them in public. Those people who are silently judging you are the ones who are just too scared to do it themselves. Just because they are afraid doesn’t mean that you should be. Just wear whatever you want and don’t worry too much about those judgmental looks.

Of course you must understand though that there is a certain way you dress when you go to certain places. You can’t really go to work in miniskirts and tank tops. You need to dress professionally. But when you go out with friends you should feel free to wear whatever you want.  There shouldn’t be anything that is going to stop you. If you think you sense of fashion is too bizarre to display in public check out some of these fashion shows that happen. You will find that there are way more bizarre versions of fashion out there. It all depends on who you are and just how confident you are in showing people your true self.

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